About Us

Just over one year ago I took a leap and moved from Texas to San Diego, leaving behind a ten-year career in television production to start a new life on the west coast. That new life has been filled with amazing adventures and great new friends along the way.

In my ten years in television I served as an executive producer for both a CBS and NBC affiliate with Nexstar Broadcasting. In that capacity I oversaw newscast production for six daily newscasts and developed story segments. In addition I managed content for each of those shows, working with reporters and anchors from two news stations in the development of their daily lineups. I currently am a digital marketing and social media consultant with experience across all the major social media platforms, blogging, search engine optimization and photo/video production. 

I now in my free time do freelance work with several clients for their social media and marketing needs. The rest of my time is filled with exploring the world and meeting new friends along the way.