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In 2005 I took a leap and moved from Texas to San Diego, leaving behind a ten-year career in television production to start a new life on the west coast. That new life has been filled with amazing adventures and great new friends along the way.

In my ten years in television I served as an executive producer for both a CBS and NBC affiliate with Nexstar Broadcasting. In that capacity I oversaw newscast production for six daily newscasts and a myriad of special broadcast through the years.

I also served as the entertainment reporter for the CBS affiliate. In that capacity I produced, wrote, and did on-camera work. I have interviewed numerous celebrities from American Idol contestants to Grammy Award winners. In addition theater is near and dear to my heart so I made a point of helping publicize the various arts and theater programs.

I currently am a digital marketing and social media consultant with experience across all the major social media platforms working with small businesses to help meet their social media and marketing needs.

The ability to work from anywhere has open the doors for me to explore more of the world and engage with others along the way. My love of food, film, theme parks, theater, and friends is what this blog is all about.

I’ll be focusing especially on the LIVE theater scene in Southern California. There is so much theater to be seen on a regular basis you won’t even have time to catch all of it. The talent pool and the high quality and caliber is on par with the best of Broadway.

I’ll be sharing these things that you can do when visiting Southern California. An area filled with so much that you never will be able to see and do it all. It just so happens that this area I now call home encompass all of the things that I enjoy doing.

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