Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom launches nighttime hours, new entertainment

Animal Kingdom is about to be experienced in an all new way as nightfall allows guest to experience the park in an all new way under the stars. Whether it’s the Kilimanjaro Safari at Sunset to the Harambi Wildlife Parti or even Expedition Everest at twilight you’ll be sure to experience nature in an all new magical way.

The transition of Animal Kingdom from day to-night is something guest have never been able to experience and its something that will have your sense heightened as boundaries between nature and us our camouflaged.

The headline attraction Kilimanjaro Safari will take on a magical transition as you’ll journey out and explore the safari in an all new way exploring the wildlife as the glow of the sunset bathes everything in sight. The all new experience will allow you to see the nighttime behavior of the wildlife as well as see two new species of animals the african wild dogs and hyenas.

When your done with the Kilimanjaro Safari stop off and enjoy the night life at the Harambe Wildlife Parti as the Village comes to life. You can dance along a variety of entertainers and musicians even enjoy some exotic foods and drinks while shopping the marketplace. The nightlife doesn’t stop there as over on discovery island the senses and music will take over as you become an extension of nature in the Discover Island Carnivale. 

The parks iconic tree of life will come to life as it’s stories are awaken and it’s animal spirits are brought to life.

The evening will come to a magical conclusion as you experience the beauty and wild unpredictability of animals and nature in an all new 5000 seat amphitheater on the Discovery River Lagoon as you see the show Rivers of Light,  a beautiful mythology that brings together different form of light along the rivers a holistic storytelling of animals and their journey 

You can begin experiencing Animal Kingdom at night with all the new experiences plus most of your favorite attractions will stay open as well. Awaken Summer at Animal Kingdom begins Memorial Day Weekend. 


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