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Why I Give my Hens Big ole’ Bird Probiotics

Since adding Big ole' Bird probiotics to my hens' water we've noticed more golden-yolked eggs, harder shells, improved health, cleaner butts, and a smoother molting cycle. But the benefits don't stop there. Discover how Big ole' Bird from Southland Organics can help take your flock to the next level.

I’ve shared before the importance of giving your hens probiotics and that I give them to my hens on a regular basis. Hens, just like us, have a colony of good and bad bacteria in their system. It’s not just about having or not having these bacteria, it’s about finding the perfect balance. That is where the probiotics come into the equation and why I choose to give my hens Big ole’ Bird Probiotic Supplement.

Multiple peer-reviewed studies have shown that probiotics can help balance the good and bad bacteria in a hen’s digestive system. A balanced digestive system also helps maintain a  a strong immune system so they can grow strong and stay healthy.

Other Reasons to Use Probiotics

  • Less smelly feces due to a decrease in ammonia
  • Cleaner chicken butts mean fewer flies which means less of a chance of fly strike
  • Higher egg production
  • Increased egg size
  • Improved shell hardness
  • Help maintain a healthy weight
  • Reduction in salmonella
  • Aids in composting waste

Benefits After One Year of Big ole’ Bird

I give my hens two probiotics that I rotate through. The first is called, “Hen Boost Probiotics” from Animal Health Solutions Inc. and the second “Big ole’ Bird (Biology optimized for birds).” Each week I rotate between each of these. This allows my hens the opportunity to receive each unique formula’s benefits.

Big ole’ Bird (BoB) has proven to be the stand out probiotic on my urban farm. Ever since I started giving my hens BoB I’ve seen an increase in both egg production and egg size. Some have gotten so big they don’t fit in the egg containers anymore!

While those two things are great, and the most practical when you have hens for egg production, there are other things that stand out from them taking probiotics.

One of the biggest things is that my hens drink way more water throughout the day, almost doubling their water consumption, when on BoB. Water is a very important part of a hens diet allowing them to regulate their body temperature, ease in digesting food, and, since eggs are mostly water, is essential in egg production.

According to Southland Organics, BoB also helps strengthen their immune systems and improves the absorption of nutrients. This results in healthier, bigger birds, and better feed conversion rates. The product also has been recently Certified Organic.

Big ole’ Bird Ingredients

The Organic Composted Humus is where the action is as it contains the following bacteria.

  • Bacillus mojavensis: The biosurfactant produced reduces the interfacial tension between hydrocarbons and aqueous. Oxidizes sulfide and nitrate.
  • Bacillus subtilis: One of the poultry powerhouses. Eliminates harmful bacterial through competitive exclusion. Improves feed conversion and growth promotion.
  • Nitrobacillus georgiensis: Nitrifies ammonia and produces biosurfactant. Enhances the emulsification of hydrocarbons and increase their availability for microbial degradation.
  • Bacillus sp.: Strong production of biosurfactant.
  • Paenebacillus polymyxa: Reduces nitrate. Produces biosurfactant.
  • Bacillus megaterium: Provides enzymes for waste processing and processing phosphates. “tightens the gut”
  • Bacillus amyloliquefaciens: Breaks down starch into sugars. Increases feed conversion. Click here to read the study
  • Bacillus pumilus: Aerobic and anaerobic growth with strong biosurfactant production. Sulfur oxidizer and starch degrader.

Since adding Big ole’ Bird probiotics to my hens’ water we’ve noticed more golden-yolked eggs, harder shells, improved health, cleaner butts, and a smoother molting cycle. You can find Big ole’ Bird at most local feed stores and online at

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