BØRNS a Star on the Rise

Garrett Borns or as he goes by BØRNS is one of the most interesting musical artist I have heard recently and is definitely an artist that is on the rise.

One of the most interesting musical artist I have come across recently is an artist from Michigan. Garret Borns or best know as BØRNS I discovered at a recent concert I attended at The Observatory in North Park in San Diego. I was there to see CharliXCX and The Bleachers but hands down my evening was blessed with the chance to hear and discover the amazing music of Garrett.

Who is BØRNS

The 23 year old musician from Grand Haven, Michigan has been involved in the world of arts since he was young. At the age of ten years old, he was a magician and actually getting paid to do it. He even won a National Scholastic Art Award, a scholarship for creative teenagers in the United States.

TEDX Event

Garret Borns early on in his career performed at small venues and even a TEDX event in Michigan. During that performance, he played a few songs while footage from his recent trip to France played behind him on the screens. He talked about his recent trip to the country and how that people prior to the trip warned him of a language barrier, but that quickly crumbled once he began playing his music. Describing music as the ultimate language that can unite us all.

Making His Move

He for a time lived in New York City and later made the move to Los Angeles. In what he describes in interviews as “just a little vacation” visiting with just a suitcase and guitar turned into a permanent stay.

The creative environment of Los Angeles helped him churn out lyrics that led to his recent EP Candy. Some of the song writing process it turns out took place in an actual tree house, a secluded and quiet spot that over looks a canyon. What started as a B&B rental has turned into his home where he lives, cooks, and describes as a great place to read and make music.

His music can be described as a mix of indie-pop-rock meets California. Every track on his EP Candy is one that you’ll be listening to over an over again. His amazing and unique voice is one that transcends gender, especially with his ability of vocal range that he brings to his music.

Now On Tour

BØRNS was on tour with CharliXCX and Bleachers as part of their Charli and Jack Do America tour. His first album Dopamine is now available.

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