New Entertainment Options at Walt Disney World

Hey Disney fans there is something new coming to The Walt Disney World Resort in just a few weeks involving Mickey and Friends.

Hey Disney fans there is something new coming to The Walt Disney World Resort in just a few weeks. The special engagement begins at Hollywood Studios on December 4, 2015 at the all new Sunset Showcase. So what sort of entertainment has Disney been working on you might ask? Well its Club Disney!

What is Club Disney?

It’s going to be the hottest spot to meet up with Mickey and the gang as they take to the dance floor to show us their latest dance moves. You’ll be able to dance along with the characters as a DJ mixes the perfect playlist of your favorite Radio Disney songs. Club Disney will have an electric club environment where the floor and walls will come to life with images from classic Disney animation.

It’s also going to be a great place to cool down and relax especially for the parents. There will be a a refuel and recharge station so you can get a drink, some snacks, and recharge your phone.


Where is the all new Sunset Showcase located?

The new venue that will host Club Disney is a special event venue that is customizeable to numerous experience that Disney will offer throughout the years. It will open later this year on Sunset Boulevard near Rockin Rollercoaster.