The Hulk Coaster

Final Piece of New Track Installed on The Hulk Coaster

It was a BIG occasion earlier this month as the final piece of track was bolted into place on the Hulk rollercoaster at Universal Studios Orlando. The coaster has been undergoing a new track transformation that will bring with it new enhancements. 

The Incredible Hulk Coaster will roar back to life this summer with enhancements to it;s storyline as well as enhancements to the ride vehicles and experiences. When it opens later this year you will be ready to enter the laboratories of Dr. Bruce Banner and marvel at his towering scientific machinery. As you approach his gamma-ray accelerator warning lights will flash and sirens sound, a sound that something’s gone terribly wrong with the experiment. Your surroundings will go rushing by you in a blur as you feel yourself transformed into The Incredible Hulk.