Full House in San Francisco

Full House in San Francisco

When you think of San Francisco you may think of the Golden Gate Bridge, but for many fans of the television show Full House the iconic sight seeing location is the Full House House. The victorian inspired home is nesstled in the Lower Pacific Heights neighborhood of the city and fans each day can be seen in front taking pictures and selfies with the house that embodies a childhood favorite..

Full House was a family ABC comedy that for many seasons was a part of the Networks flagship program TGIF. It followed a family that comes together in hard times after they must deal with the death of a loved one. The show was a classic family show of the 80’s so for many children growing up in the 80’s and in the 90’s with syndicated reruns its a part of their childhood.

Many viewers think the house that the Tanners lived in is one of the houses in Alamo Square known as the Painted Ladies, but that actually is not true. The widespread misconception that they lived in this location can be traced back to the fact that in later seasons of the show the opening theme showed the Tanner family having a picinic in Alamo Square Park with the Painted Ladies in the background. The actually house that is modled to be their home is actually about a mile away from Alamo Square Park on Broderick Street. 

The house that is actually used as the front of their home is  located at 1709 Broderick Street in San Francisco. As time has passed since filming of the home in the 80’s many trees in the area have grown up around the house and the paint scheme along with the red iconic door are no more. Despite this fact you can still tell that this is the home that everyone from the 80’s grew up with each Friday evening.

An interesting note about the Lower Pacific Heights neighborhood is that when the show went off the air in 1995, the average home in that area according to McGuire Real Estate sold for around $441,929 but now 20 years later a home in that same area is selling for $3.846 million dollars. HAVE MERCY!!!! The Tanners would be so rich now.


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