Jason Mraz Live In San Diego

It was day one of being back in America’s Finest City, San Diego, that I had the chance to see Jason Mraz in Concert along side Justin at the San Diego Civic Theatre Downtown. It was a beautiful evening as always to be in downtown and was my first time to see anything at the theatre. The whole area around the theatre is a perfect venue for theatre and concerts as the atmosphere was electric and it would soon get even more so when the concert began. This was the first stop for Jason Mraz on his latest tour and he sure brought all of his talents for his hometown show.

This was my first time seeing Jason in concert and he sure surprised me as it was one of the best concerts that I have been to in a long time. The whole concert I would say showcases his great talent of vocals and music as most everything extra that artist add to their concerts is stripped away. Jason Mraz in concert would def be an artist that if you have the chance you should go see LIVE. I promise if you are a music aficionado you will absolutely love his concert.