Main Street Electrical Parade

Main Street Electrical Parade Ends Run at Walt Disney World

It looks like it is an end of an era for the Main Street Electric Parade at the Magic Kingdom. The long running nighttime parade at the park will officially end its run on October 9th.

The Walt Disney Parks and Resorts are going through lots of changes in the past few weeks with the announcement that Paint the Night and the Disneyland Forever fireworks would be coming to an end at  the Disneyland Resort. The officials at Walt Disney World wanted everyone who has an attachment to the parade at the park enough time to plans a trip to the resort.

Disney’s Main Street Electrical Parade was created in 1972 for the Disneyland park. The parade which was created Bob Jani and Ron Miziker features an array of performers and floats covered in thousands of lights which are synchronized to music.

There have been numerous incarnations of the parade at the different Disney parks around the world. Many of the floats from the original parades can be seen in this newest incarnation which debuted for the third time at the Magic Kingdom in 2010.

There is no word on what will replace the Main Street Electrical Parade at the Walt Disney World Resort.

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