National Hamburger Day

Happy National Hamburger Day!!! Hamburgers are an American classic and have become one of the great ways to express yourself in the kitchen. There are so many ways you can cook them now and so many things that you can add to them to make them unique.

Favorite Hamburgers in San Diego

Since coming to California it seems that I have not suffered from the lack of unique burgers that are available. Some of my favorite burgers are from Slaters 50/50 where they take ground beef and ground bacon and mix them together to make an absolutely delicious hamburger. They don’t just stop at that they take the toppings to another level, allowing you to add the normal avocado or even the unique spam Cheeseburger with Friesor peanut butter. Another fave place for burgers that hit my appetite is the Snack Shack burger from Carnitas Snack Shack which includes the delicious bacon jam.

How I Celebrated
National Hamburger Day

Now, while all these options are great, nothing beats making your own hamburgers and that is exactly what me and my best friend Justin did on Memorial Day. We took the ground beef and I mixed with various spices, including brown sugar, which is one of the most important additions to making my hamburgers taste delicious. In addition to the burgers we made some fresh home-made french fries, which we double fried making them taste perfect. It was a great chill way to celebrate Memorial Day and enjoy one of my favorite foods, the HAMBURGER.

Hamburger Seasoning Recipe

  • Brown Sugar
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Garlic
  • Paprika
  • Season to Taste