Robin Williams Remembered

Robin Williams Remembered: A Tribute

Robin Williams Remembered : A year ago actor Robin Williams passed away leaving behind a legacy of film and television shows as well as the gift of laughter.

Williams made over 50 films in his career working with the best of the best in Hollywood. He left behind so many classic films from drama to comedy to animation.

A filmography that includes such classics as Good Morning Vietnam, Dead Poets Society, and Good Will Hunting, which he won an Academy award for his role of Dr. Sean Maguire. Then the younger generations remember him for his roles in Hook, Mrs. Doubtfire and as the Genie in Disney’s animated film Aladdin.

Winning Academy Awards, Emmy’s, Golden Globe Awards, and even Grammy’s for his stand-up routines. A career that spanned over 30 years brought laughter and tears and will continue to do so as his films live on.

Robin Williams death has made a mark on the Suicide Hotline and one that could be seen as positive. Since his death a new baseline has been set for calls the National Hotline receives on a regular basis. While that number has increased the positive aspect of that is that people are actually asking for help. The conversation has been started and the stigma of depression is not as strong as it once had been.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1 (800) 273-8255


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