Shanghai Disney Resort

Shanghai Disney Resort Announces Opening Date

So what does $5.5-billion dollars get you when it comes to building a theme park? Well it gets you the second largest park only behind the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. Shanghai Disney, one of the most ambitious plans from the ground up, now has an opening date of 06/16/16.

The Walt Disney Company has chosen the tagline “Authentically Disney, Distinctly Chinese,” since much of the park will seem similar to the other castle parks, yet have very distinct differences that make it a fit for the Chinese audience. There will be a multi-day opening celebration that will culminate in a spectacular ceremony to welcome the first official guests.

Shanghai Disney Resort, will be an experience that will delight guests as they are introduced to six themed lands, two themed hotels, and a Downtown Disney shopping district. The park will celebrate China’s rich heritage with the best of Disney’s storytelling. Offering the Chinese people world class attractions including Broadway quality entertainment.

Philippe Gas, general manager of Shanghai Disney Resort says that cast members and imagineers are on their way to welcoming the first guests to the ambitious park opening. “Shanghai Disney Resort celebrates China’s rich heritage and is the result of years of partnership and innovation with contributions from our talented Cast Members and Imagineers, as well as thousands of artists, designers, construction workers and suppliers from across China and around the world. Our special thanks go to the joint venture shareholders and the local government who provided tremendous support to the project along the way.”

Much of the major construction at the resort has been completed and many ride systems are already in the testing phase. Cast members are in the process of being trained to welcome the millions of guests that are expected to flow through the park in its opening year.

The six themed lands in the castle style park will include Adventure Isle, Gardens of Imagination, Mickey Avenue, Tomorrowland, Treasure Cove and Fantasyland, with the Enchanted Storybook Castle. The Storybook Castle will be the largest castle at any of the parks around the world and Shanghai Disney will also be the first park with an all-Pirates themed land. Many of the experiences that guest will come face-to-face with when the park opens will be the first of their kind at a Disney Park. And if you’re a fan of parades at the parks, Shangai Disney will boast the longest parade route. 

Hotels at Shanghai Disney Resort

The Shanghai Disneyland Hotel and Toy Story Hotel are imaginatively themed hotels conveniently located near the theme park. The Shanghai Disneyland Hotel is an elegant Art Nouveau-inspired resort with a touch of Disney magic and imagination, while the Toy Story Hotel immerses guests in a world inspired by the toys from the Disney•Pixar series of the Toy Story animated films.


In a first, the shopping district at a Disney resort will feature the hit Broadway production of Disney’s The Lion King, a first ever Mandarin production of the hit show that will play at the Walt Disney Grand Theatre. As far as shopping there will me the immersive and as Disney describes its innovative World of Disney Store, which will offer all sorts of Disney merchandise including many items that have been designed specifically for the Shanghai Disney Resort. 

Wishing Star Park

Wishing Star Park will be an amazing place to enjoy nature and beautiful sunsets as guest walk the beautiful gardens, walking paths, and a lake on nearly 100 acres of manicured Disney landscape. If you are wondering how big 100 acres is, it is around 56 football fields.


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