The Jungle Book Trailer is FINALLY Here

It’s a Disney classic and anytime here lately that Disney has announced these ambitious film plans it has been for fans a slight cause for concern. The reason most fans have this apprehension is because it’s like why mess with an original classic.

The company first did it with Alice in Wonderland and that provided big money at the Box Office. So of course that trend would continue and Disney announced a slew of LIVE action films that have thus far included Malifecient and Cinderella. On the way or in production of some sort is an even longer list inclduing Beauty and the Beast, Tink, Dumbo, Pinocchio, Mulan, Sword and the Stone, Chip and Dale, Winnie the Pooh, a Prince Charming movie, Aladdin Prequel, Night on Bald Mountain, and Jungle Book.

Now the first trailer is out for the film and it will give you chills. The film is of course based on the 1967 Disney animated feature, which is in turn based on the Rudyard Kipling book. It looks like from what we can see in this first look that they have done both of those art works justice.

This film is part of the Disney companies LIVE action, initiative and in this case combines the live action with CG. All of the animals as well as the environment is all computer generated images. This is what I was most concerned about but after seeing the trailer it is some of the most amazing photorealistic scenes I have seen.

In the trailer we get to see Mowgoli as well as some appearances from some of our jungle friends. The trailer is voiced by Scarlett Johansson, who definitely helps bring you chills hearing her portrayal of Kaa.  The rest of the cast is rounded out by Bill Murray, who voices Baloo, Christoper Walken as King Louie, Ben Kingsley as Bagheera, Idris Elba as Shere Khan, and Lupita Nyong’o as Raksha.

This live action version of the Jungle Book is slated for theaters this coming April 15.


@codyrodriguez I'm not a fan of these remake films but this one does look amazing. I'll definitely be seeing it.