Warby Parker Unboxing

Warby Parker Unboxing of New Glasses

It's always an exciting time when you get to unbox a new pair of glasses from Warby Parker and I now have a new pair of high quality frames that I love.

It’s always an exciting time when you get to unbox a new pair of glasses from Warby Parker and after a few years wearing my current frames Huxley it was time for a change. I had been wanting a new pair recently to help match the big life change I made in coming to California and after a few trial pairs I finally have my new frames Talbot.

Who is Warby Parker?

Warby Parker is such a great way to purchase eyeglasses and sunglasses whether you need prescriptions or ones without prescriptions. The thing I like about the company  is that its such an easy process of getting very trendy glasses while all at a very low cost compared to other eyeglass retailers or optometrists.

Another advantage of Warby Parker is their Buy a Pair, Give a Pair program which essentially tallies up the number of glasses purchased and they in turn make a monthly donation to their nonprofit partners, which covers the cost of sourcing that number of glasses. That nonprofit then trains men and women in developing countries to give basic eye exams and sell glasses to their communities at affordable prices.

The Process

It’s a fairly simple process to get your new pair of glasses that involves just a few clicks of your mouse and showing off frames to friends and family. The first thing you do is go to www.warbyparker.com pick out five frames that you like and then wait for those frames to arrive at your doorstep.

Take those frames and show the off to friends and family having them help you pick the perfect pair. Then just send the five trial frames back and place the order for the frames you have chosen and in five to seven business days your new pair of glasses will arrive.

My Experience

In my experience with Warby Parker over the last four years I have had nothing but positive interactions with everyone at the company. Whether it has been issues at the ordering process or delivery process I have always had a representative there to help me resolve the issue in the most positive manner.

Warby Parker is all about the customer and it shows with the great interactions and the LIVE support that they offer on their website or through the phone.

Their products are also high quality as I never had an issue with the frames breaking or the lenses getting scratched but if the lenses are scratched within the first yea they will replace them for you absolutely free.

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