Coronado Bay Bridge

Port Of San Diego Approves Design To Illuminate Coronado Bridge

At a recent Port of San Diego meeting commissioners approved an agreement that will allow Studio Fink LTD to begin artistic design and consulting work for the Coronado Bay Bridge lighting project. The approval will allow consulting services at a cost not exceeding $230,000.

The Coronado Bay Bridge lighting project is a city project started in 2010 when artist Peter Fink had his lighting concept selected in a world-wide competition. The idea was to create a distinct piece of artwork that could be enjoyed by all of San Diego, while celebrating a San Diego landmark. 

The project would use programmable LED lighting powered from sustainable energy sources. The outer deck and pillars of Coronado Bay Bridge would be lit with the LED’s that could be used for an infinite number of lighting scenarios. Some of the scenarios outside of the normal lighting package could be holiday lighting packages such as for Christmas or during the Fourth of July for the Big Bay Boom.

The lighting concept meets the goals set out including artistic lighting that would create a sense of place, draw people to the region and withstand the test of time. The Coronado Bay Bridge lighting project is a Partnership between the Port of San Diego and Caltrans, and will be paid with donations. 

The goal is to have the lighting done by the bridge’s 50th anniversary in 2019.

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