Peter Pan

Disney is developing a live-action Peter Pan movie

Well it was only a matter of time before Disney made the announcement but it’s now official, the studio is in the process of developing a live action Peter Pan film. This comes on the heels of positive pre-release buzz for Disney’s Live action Jungle book which hits theaters this week. 

Peter Pan which is based on the book Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up by J.M. Barrie is now going to get the Disney treatment as the studio has enlisted David Lowery to co-write and direct the film. Lowery has already been working with Disney in the live action re-make realm as he has just finished up work on Pete’s Dragon.

Even though Peter Pan is a creation of novelist J.M. Barrie, most people attribute Peter Pan to Disney’s own animated classic. In recent years there have been many a version of Peter Pan even a release just this last year and then there was the classic 1991 hit Hook from Steven Spielberg. Even still many will be keeping a close eye on this Disney project as Disney’s most recent animated to live action films have been huge box office successes. 

Disney has already revisited some classic animated tales in the live action realm with Cinderella, Maleificent, and Alice in Wonderland. In the works they also have Beauty and the Beast which has been testing in front of audiences with great success, then there is Tim Burton‘s take on Dumbo as well as a Mulan and a Reese Witherspoon take on Tinkerbell.

Disney’s live action Peter Pan film is only in the early stages of development and no casting has been done as of this time. 

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