Disney’s Inside Out Breaks Record

Inside Out breaks record at the box office. The 15th film from the Pixar animation studio now holds the record for largest debut of an original film.

Inside Out the 15th film from the Pixar animation studio has broken a box office record. The film now has the title of biggest opening weekend for an original film with 91 million. That means it overtakes Avatar which had been the reigning king with 77 million dollars. — Update June 22, 2015

Movies can make you laugh, cry, and make you feel emotions you didn’t think were possible. This time Disney Pixar brings those emotions to life in their 15th animated film Inside Out that is now in theaters. Academy Award®-winning director Pete Docter returns for Inside Out a film in which he took his own experiences with moving and placed them in this animated film thats not only for the kids but for adults.


The film which was announced in 2011 has gone through quite its own story to get to its final release to the public. Pixar has always had an internal obsession with getting the story right and this time the process was quite the undertaking as original production ideas were scrapped in order to create the final production. This 15th animated film from the storied animation studio is also the first film in which no input was given from the late Pixar co-founder and former Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

Despite that, early buzz from critics and the public say this could be one of Pixar’s top films when it comes to pushing the boundaries not only of animation but of storytelling. Storytelling has always been at the heart of Pixar’s animated films going back all the way from the ground breaking Toy Story to the boundary pushing Wall-E and now Inside Out.

The concept of Inside Out is one that at its synopsis seems like it would be hard to follow or even create but for the Pixar Brain Trust telling the story of emotions is one that they have succeeded at doing.

The Story

Inside Out centers on a girl named Riley whose family moves to San Francisco from Minnesota. The move brings Riley’s emotions front and center as Joy, Sadness, Fear, Inside Out Breaks Recordand Anger work in their “control center” and for most instance disagree on how to respond to situations. must work together for their designed purpose. Ultimately they realize that each of them is important and in the end just want the best for Riley. Inside Out which Pixar’s John Lasseter calls “one of the most difficult films we’ve ever made” is rated PG and is now in theaters.

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