Pocahontas Anniversary

Pocahontas Anniversary

Pocahontas Anniversary Celebrating 20 Years

Pocahontas Anniversary today where on this date back in 1995 it made its debut. The film from the Walt Disney Animation was the 33rd film to be released by the studio during what was known as the Disney Renaissance. The film was based upon the events of English colonists coming to the New World and encountering the Native Americans during which they encounter Pocahontas.

Critical Reception

This was the first animated film from Disney that was based on an actually historical figure and being so there were lots of critical response to the way they portrayed the native americans. Despite the response from critics it did not do anything to sway the average movie goer as the film was an undeniable success bringing in more than $346 million dollars. The film also went on to win Academy Awards for Best Original Song and Best Musical/Comedy Score.

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