SeaWorld San Diego

SeaWorld San Diego Prepares for Sea Lion Pup Rescues

SeaWorld San Diego continues one of its biggest missions and that is helping marine life when it is needed. Already this year they have participated in the rescue of 200 marine mammals, which again this year the majority of the rescues have been for malnourished, emaciated California sea lion pups.

So far this year SeaWorld San Diego is predicting a slower year for rescues compared to 2015 when they participated in the rescue of close to 1,000 sea lion pups. Despite the predicted lower number of rescues this year SeaWorld San Diego is taking precautions for what will still be a large number of sea lion pup strandings, expanding pool space and keeping medical supplies on hand and ready.

If you spot a stranded sea lion, remember to keep a safe distance from the animal and alert local authorities or call SeaWorld’s rescue team at 1-800-541-SEAL.

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