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Yesterday I celebrated a birthday it was a wonderful day. I wake up today though realizing that the America I grew up with and the America that was prospering into the future is no more. Please Read the whole blog, I know it is long but I need you to hear my thoughts

I went to a Christian school for Jr. High and High School and was taught by some of the best teachers. I was immersed in a group of friends and family that taught me to love one another, to stick up for the little guy and be there when people needed help. Always be there to express my love for others who are different, never to be demeaning or demanding. Today I believe, that is what helped me become the man I am today.

I therefore am amazed on a daily basis to see some of these people I grew up with be blindsided by hate. There is no other way to describe how my heart breaks to see post after post that go absolutely against everything they taught me. I am confused how what I was taught isn’t taken into account when it comes to political issues.

The Issue isn’t Immigration it is Racism

Just on the most recent hot button topic “Immigration”, I saw many friends who posted about how it was ok to have the separation because they broke the law. Guess what you are WRONG, heartless, and aren’t putting out the best Christian vibes. I could cite numerous Bible verses that talk about loving one another or helping the widow and her children. The thing with the Bible is that you can take pretty much any verse and use it for your purpose.

I instead have taken everything that I learned when I was growing up and would say the main thing about the Bible and Christianity is that it is love. Love for one another because we are all brothers and sisters.

Why on earth would we want a child to be separated from their mother. Babies crying and kids crying, all so you can prove a point about how they shouldn’t break the law how we don’t want them in our country.

The thing is I honestly believe my mother would have done all she could to keep myself and sister safe had we been in a negative or dangerous situation. Had we been living in Central America and were subject to violence she would have made the trek to America a promise land of hope and dreams. She would have pushed forward doing anything and everything to enter.

The thing is these parents just want what all parents want, for their kids to be safe and grow up happy. That is why I am utterly at a loss for words that people I love would want this for these families for these kids.

  • Second Generation Immigrants are among the strongest economic and fiscal contributors in the U.S. population, with tax contributions greater than the native-born population.
  • Collectively, America’s undocumented immigrants pay an estimated $11.64 billion in state and local taxes every year

Issues That Affect All of Us

That is just one of the things that has happened under this administration. We could look forward to how they are wanting to take health insurance away from others or cause issues for those who have pre-existing conditions. We can look at the fact that they are wanting to cut medicade and medicare benefits or social security benefits for individuals who need this extra help. This just to help cover the cost of tax cuts. Most of which benefited the ultra-wealthy, yet my Republican friends keep thinking that it is ok do do this.

You know what, I pay taxes and hate paying taxes. I however am ok knowing that my money could be going to help those who may need a hand out to get back on their feet. I have never understood why you would want to punish those who may need a little help.

Yes I’ll get blow back saying well they could work harder or they could do this or that. Guess what things these days are pretty expensive most people live at or below the poverty line in America. 40 million Americans live in poverty and 18.5 million Americans live in extreme poverty.¬†Most of these people work jobs and do all they can to help themselves and their families. It goes back to the Bible and things I was taught when growing up. DON’T BE SELFISH help others when they need the help. You never know someones circumstance and therefore shouldn’t judge them.

  • 15 million kids living with families below the poverty threshold.
  • More people are in debt.
  • Single women are impacted as they are the sole bread winners for their family.
  • The aging population is at a greater risk because increased cost of living.

I Want Equal Rights For Everyone

When it comes to voting rights, equal rights for all we are heading down a direction that I don’t want to go and a direction that a majority of Americans do not want to go down. Especially for my generation a generation that really is about having everyone be equal.

Why should we look down on those of another race just because they don’t look like us. Many will say they aren’t racist but in reality most people are racist or at least have racist tendencies. Lets get that out of our country why should we stand for polices and agendas that hurt others. I for one do not want to be a part of anything that treats individuals less than others. We are all equal in God’s eyes so why on Earth are we supporting candidates who do not agree. If you support Trump or many republicans you are supporting racial polices and agendas that go against the black and hispanic communities.

The thing is equal rights aren’t just for those of different races it is for women as well. I want all women to be treated equally and to have the same opportunities as men. I want them to be paid equally and competitively with their male counterparts if they have the same skills and success. Again I do not understand why women are voting for politicians who are going against your best interest. These newer generations want the best for everyone and are pushing forward at a quick pace compared to the past. We don’t want to be held back anymore.

Equal rights then could extend to those of the LGBTQ+ communities. Why are we legislating the rights of others? We should all be equal, we should all have the same rights and to be able to live together. Everyone has beliefs many people have religious beliefs but why are you going to take that belief and push it on to everyone. You can state your thoughts on topics and social issues. That however doesn’t mean you should take the rights away from people you disagree with on whatever issues.

America WAS NOT Founded as a Christian Nation

This country was not founded on Christianity and the founding fathers saw it fit for there to be separation of Church and State. Therefore Christianity should never come into play when making polices that affect all Americans of different belief and religions. This protection is so that everyone is treated equally. It also is helpful so that another religion can’t come into power and tell Christians what to believe. It is there for the benefit of everyone.

I would say the Tenants of Christianity may have helped guide the creation of America through its early years. These tenants however would be teachings such as the Good Samaritan, The Golden Rule, the Ten Commandments. Some of which we are not following as a country today.

Let a New Generation Lead

This administration and many Republicans are doing a disservice to this country and to the young people growing up in it. Why as parents and older individuals would you want to hamstring those of us who are younger. Pushing things you think should happen to this country when we are the ones who have to grow-up with the results.

You can make excuse after excuse on reason why you did what you did. The thing is that decision has destroyed America for my generation and those generations after me.

There is no reason to continue standing with Trump and if you think there is I would gladly love to hear the response. He doesn’t stand for anything positive and for those friends of mine who are fellow Christians he doesn’t stand for ANYTHING that is in the BIBLE.

I am a Christian and believe that they best way to spread your beliefs is just to act Christian. Love one another, help others when they need help, don’t spread hate, remember we are all one family. The quickest way to turn people off from Christianity is to act the way I have seen a large number of my friends act. The actions and behavior of hate for whatever reason is a quick turn off.

I would urge those who have supported Trump or polices that affect others in life to have a conversation with me. Why do we want to legislate against individuals we disagree with? Why do we want to take rights away from people if we disagree with them?

See where I am coming from and to see its all about loving others. We must really get to a place in this country where we can all live together, we can all have our beliefs, and live a good life a life for love of one another.

I know this was long and there are probably so many grammar or spelling mistakes, but this came from my heart a place that was formed by those people I grew up with and who taught and formed me. I think I have turned into a great person who really just loves everyone who wants the best for everyone and wants to get people to see that we can all work together to actually Make America Great. A country of love and respect for one another.

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