Voting Matters

Voting Matters, Quit Spreading LIES

I continue to be shocked that people I grew up with do not fact check. These are people who are in positions of influence and they continue to post straight up LIES. Many of them are teachers who always taught me to research and get the facts necessary when making a decision. The thing is these people I know continue spreading LIES. I have presented to them that they continue posting things that are not true.

If you are going to argue a point wouldn’t you rather it be factual instead of false. I have in the last few days responded to some of these FALSE post only to be met with a simple ok or no response, and never is the post deleted. Honestly they care only about a perceived belief of the truth and don’t want to look at what actually might be happening. Essentially getting played by the political machine and Russian Bots.

Someone I know recently shared a post from a Russian bot. I assume they didn’t realize that it was a bot and only shared the post because of the content. The content of the post which is propaganda from the far right and Trumpers also happened to be LIES.

The post showcased people burning American flags with text that read: “The illegal caravan of immigrants are flying the Honduras flag as they burn the American Flag as they march towards the USA wanting asylum! They are not asylum seekers! They are invaders!”

This MEME several people I know have shared is FAKE.

Here is the thing, a few seconds of research and I was able to determine that the post was fake. The pictures were from a protest in New Mexico in 2016 and showed Americans. The account that originally posted was clearly not a legitimate account and is also shocking that someone would share something from the below account.

It seems this particular issue seems to be occurring mostly with people I know who are right leaning and who are older. I would urge everyone regardless of party affiliation to think before posting or sharing post from others. The majority of political memes are not factual and you are doing nothing but damaging Democracy.

Everyone needs to do research for themselves on the issues. They shouldn’t take the advice of people that they don’t know in real life. The shouldn’t take advice from politicians who are just trying to stay in their jobs. They shouldn’t take the advice from Donald Trump as it has been shown that he LIES a majority of the time.

Don’t be sheep, don’t follow. Make your own path in life. If everyone started doing that and actually looking out for one another instead of an agenda then we would all be a little bit better. Take a look at politicians who actually are making changes that affect you personally. Changes that will affect your kids or grandkids. The thing is that many of us actually have been voting against our own needs because of routine or its what you’ve always done. Open your eyes to new ideas and new things. There is a great big world out there and we should accept that things are grand and amazing not only here in America.

I just urge people to not hate. Is your vote against someone or a group of people that will cause pain.

Get Out and Vote Today

Voting in America is the life blood of Democracy. In America according to CNN only 4 out of every 10 people eligible to vote will vote! Many people think that their vote doesn’t matter but there have been an increasing amount of elections that have been determined by just a handful of votes. That means your vote along with others can and does make a difference.

1. Elections and Your Community.

When you make the choice to engage in voting you are helping to shape the community in which you and your family live. That decision helps to shape something bigger than you are. You reach beyond just decisions that are made within your own family and can effect change for larger groups. Whether it is local elections, state elections, or national and presidential elections you can effect change.

2. It matters. It matters for the future.

When you vote you are making a decision that will affect you, your family and the future of the country. If you have kids or grandkids you are helping to shape the future by the representatives that you elect. When voting don’t just think about you but think about how your decision will change the future.

3. Voting is an Equal Right.

In the United States voting is a right of passage, many 18 year olds look forward to registering and voting in their first election. One thing about voting is that everyone gets an equal vote, whether you are rich or poor, liberal or conservative, or from the city or the country. Each of us from different backgrounds bring different perspectives together when we make decisions. It is healthy for a democracy to be tested with different viewpoints.

4. Elections Have Consequences.

Your vote really does matter. If you believe in Democracy, voting is what preserves those rights. If you don’t vote you surrender the right to have your voice heard. When citizens don’t vote the full voice of the electorate is never heard.

5. Love your country?

Thousands of men and women have sacrificed their lives for the rights of Americans. They have worked to keep democracy strong through generations.

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