“Depths of Fear” a New Maze Coming to Halloween Horror Nights

Do you have a fear of water? You may have to face that fear this year at Halloween Horror Nights at the Universal Orlando Resort. Universal Creative made the announcement today of this new house coming to the event in 2019.

“Depths of Fear” is the second original house that has been announced, with the first being “Universal Monsters”. In “Depths of Fear” workers have delved to deep into the ocean and have encountered a parasitic race of creatures known as “Mouthbrooders”. These creatures spew their acidic acidic flesh-eating eggs upon unsuspecting humans, therby turning them into crazed hosts.

Panic ensues as guest try to escape the facility as the self-destruct sequence and inevitable implosion is imminent. Will you make it out of the facility alive or will you fall deep to your watery grave.

Halloween Horror Nights returns to Universal Studios Florida on select nights from Sept. 6 – Nov. 2. This year, you’ll experience 10 haunted houses, 5 scare zones, live entertainment and more. Choose a night and get your tickets now! For more information and to purchase tickets, click here.


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