Shanghai Disney Fireworks

Shanghai Disney Fireworks Testing

It looks like things are off to a good start for Shanghai Disney as tickets went on sale yesterday and sold out within hours of being available. The park in mainland China is double the size of Tokyo Disney, at over 1,000 acres and is strategically placed to lure in more than 300 million people who live within a 3.5 hour train or car ride to the park, CEO Bob Iger recently stated.

The $5.5-billion dollar park is the second largest park only behind the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. Shanghai Disney, one of the most ambitious plans from the ground up, will open on June 16, 2016.

The Walt Disney Company has chosen the tagline “Authentically Disney, Distinctly Chinese,” since much of the park will seem similar to the other castle parks, yet have very distinct differences that make it a fit for the Chinese audience. There will be a multi-day opening celebration that will culminate in a spectacular ceremony to welcome the first official guests.

Shanghai Disney Resort, will be an experience that will delight guests as they are introduced to six themed lands, two themed hotels, and a Downtown Disney shopping district. The park will celebrate China’s rich heritage with the best of Disney’s storytelling. Offering the Chinese people world-class attractions including Broadway quality entertainment.

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