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Universal Studios tickets jump to $115 as Harry Potter opening nears

It looks like Walt Disney Parks are not the only theme park that is raising its ticket prices. Universal Studios Hollywood has raised its ticket prices by almost 20% in preparations for the new Harry Potter attraction.

Over the weekend and without warning the park increased tickets to $115 dollars from $95. The park had already introduced “demand pricing” for its park which meant that certain days would cost you more than others. Even with this pricing the cheapest ticket has increased from $75 to $95.

“Ticket prices are consistent with our tremendous product offerings,” Universal Studios spokeswoman Audrey Eig said. “Our variable pricing introduced earlier this year allows consumer choices to be made at various price levels.”

The new Harry Potter land which will open to the public on April 7th will include two rides, one restaurant, eight shops and a food cart.

Universal Studios is not the only one who has recently raised their ticket prices as Walt Disney World also recently began a new pricing policy. 

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