Walt Disney World Adding More Security

Walt Disney World Adding More Security

It looks like there are more changes on the way for security at the Walt Disney World Resort. WFTV is reporting that just a few weeks after the park began using metal detectors that Disney will soon begin training its own security personnel. 

The Walt Disney Parks in December instituted new higher measures of security at all of its parks in Orlando. The new security measures also affected Disneyland and California Adventure in Anaheim. The new enhanced security measures had guests go through a bag check, and then randomly being screened using walk-through metal detectors. 


Walt Disney has been using a private security firm to increase security and also to man the metal detectors, now Disney is planning to move to an all “in-house” operation. The plan to hire in house means that Disney will now have control over background checks and other matters surrounding the operation. The transition will first begin with Animal Kingdom


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