Journey to Atlantis the Popular Flume Ride at SeaWorld San Diego Re-opens

Atlantis Rises!!! New-and-improved flume ride now open at SeaWorld San Diego

SeaWorld San Diego has reopened its Journey to Atlantis water coaster after successfully conducting a nearly nine-month scheduled maintenance program.

Maintenance performed on Journey to Atlantis, which initially debuted in 2004, included work on the ride-boat lifting mechanism in the lift tower, replacement of track on the south side of the lift tower, replacement of the ride boats and repainting of the attraction’s towers and support buildings. Plus, this popular flume ride now has an all-new look and smoother ride experience.

Inspired by one of the sea’s favorite legends, Journey to Atlantis takes riders on an exploration of a lost civilization, where they experience an action adventure with splashing thrills! Eight-passenger Greek fishing boats take riders on their six-minute voyage, which includes a splashy, 60-foot plunge into a lake. One of the innovative elements of the ride gives passengers the illusion they’re not moving when actually they’re being elevated nearly eight stories inside the lift tower.

SeaWorld is open year-round including holidays. Admission is $91.99 for ages 10 and older and $86.99 for ages 3–9. The best way to enjoy SeaWorld all year long is with a Fun Card, which allows repeat admission through the end of 2019, all for one great, affordable price. Every visit to a SeaWorld park helps support its animal rescue program. Seeing animals at SeaWorld supports saving them in the wild. For more information visit or call (619) 222-4SEA.

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