Disney’s Holiday Spirit Takes to the Skies

The Christmas season is about to get alot more colorful as The Walt Disney World Resort is set to unveil an all new nighttime show. This one of a kind show will be introducing an all new technology to help you celebrate the season. 
Disney World will premiere its take on “wishing upon a star” as they release hundreds of drones to light up the night sky. The dancing drones will take flight illuminating the night sky with different holiday caricatures at Disney Springs this winter season. 
It’s been years in the making as Disney officials worked with state and federal governments to get authorization to use drones within the no-fly zone. It’s ironic that the company needed to obtain permission to break the no-fly zone which was originally campaign for by the company after 9/11. This type of no fly zone is afforded to none of the other 400+ theme parks except Disneyland and Disney World.  

This four year waiver, allows the parks to use drones at its California and Florida parks. The waiver also requires operators to have remote pilot certificates and will allow them to be flown at night. 

No word on when the show will debut at Disney Springs. 

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