Gillian Anderson

Is the Next James Bond going to be Gillian Anderson

Could Gillian Anderson become the next 007 and become the first female Bond in the storied franchise. Well if Twitter had its way she would be the victor to play the super spy with impeccable taste that drives nice cars, wears amazing clothes and takes his martini shaken not stirred.

Sam Mendes who directed the latest two installments and helped shaped the franchise in the last few years is not returning for more films and its expected that Daniel Craig will not reprise his role as the famous agent. Some reports have him turning down a $100 million plus paycheck to return as the spy. 

Barbara Broccoli who is the daughter of the original producer Albert Broccoli, ultimately has the final say in who is the next James Bond. A new Bond should be picked soon is Daniel Craig is indeed not returning as the movie studio will want to begin production on the next installment of James Bond. 

Trending on Twitter was the #NextBond with Gillian Anderson even chimed in saying: “It’s Bond. Jane Bond. Thanks for all the votes! (And sorry, don’t know who made poster but I love it!) #NextBond” attached was a fan made poster. 

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