Music Monday January 4, 2016

Music Picks for the Week of June 14th

Its another week of music and this week I continue the trend of electro pop. Apparently its my go to jam when I’m busy in the kitchen cooking dinner or making desserts. Lets check out my music picks for June 14th.

“Better Man” – James Morrison

A folk/pop singer James Morrison grew up in England and fell in love with music due in part to influences from his parents record collection. Some of the influences that he specifically points out are Stevie Wonder, Van Morrison and Otis Redding pointing to the way they use their voice to develop the songs. Morrison has a unique voice that he attributes to a near death experience with whooping cough when he was young. The song “Better Man” is one of my picks this week because of the soulful nature of the song when combined with the very unique sound of his voice. He is one artist you definitely will want to check out and explore more of his musical works. You may have even heard this song on television shows such as What About Brian or Grey’s Anatomy.

“Young” – Vallis Alps

I love the synth pop of the music from Vallis Alps. This duo delivers the perfect beats and perfect lyrics that will have you wanting more.

“Climbing Walls” – Strange Talk

This Australian Synth/Pop band is composed of four members whose music has appeared on numerous television shows such as 90210, Offspring, and The Shire. The band reached number one on the Billboard charts in 2011. Their debut album Cast Away hit the shelves in 2014.

“Higher” – Kate Boy

This Swedish band is comprised of four members who began their work back in 2012. All members of the band participate in the writing process and playing the numerous instruments. The song “Higher” definitely has a good drum beat that can be heard through much of the song. It definitely holds to its electro-pop origins.

“Orange Colored Sky” – Natalie Cole

Natalie Cole’s voice is one that is so amazing and so pure without any need for todays musical tweaking. The daughter of Nat King Cole she of course is no stranger to the world of music and is not short on talent. She rose to fame in the 70’s with numerous hits and then in the 90’s released an album of her covering her fathers hits which became here biggest success and won her several Grammys. Her musical styling through her career have ranged from R&B to Pop all the way to Jazz. Orange Colored Sky is a song written in the 50’s and has been recorded by numerous artist, including Natalie Cole’s father Nat King Cole whose version is the best know version.

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