The Full Monty at San Diego Musical Theatre

San Diego Welcomes Back The Full Monty

The Full Monty returns home to San Diego! The show will have you laughing non-stop from beginning to end while also pulling at your heart strings. Based on the 1997 hit movie of the same name, The Full Monty was adapted for the stage by Terrence McNally and composer David Yazbek.

In fact, it had its world premiere right here in San Diego at the Old Globe in the summer of 2000 before transferring to Broadway at the Eugene O’Neil Theatre in the Fall.  It seems only fitting that they bring back The Full Monty as one of its first shows in it’s new theatre, the Horton Grand Theatre.

Ron Christopher Jones, Jonathan Sangster, Jack Eld, Steven Freitas, and Richard Van Slyke in "The Full Monty" (Ken Jacques)
Ron Christopher Jones, Jonathan Sangster, Jack Eld, Steven Freitas, and Richard Van Slyke in “The Full Monty” (Ken Jacques)

In the transfer from screen to the stage we keep the same spirit we just have the location moved to Buffalo, New York where six unemployed steelworkers must face the prospect of providing for their families without any reliable income. But just how will they earn money without a 9-5? By stripping of course!

These men of steel discover their wives’ burst of enthusiasm as a touring Chippendales show comes through town, igniting their scheme. As they prepare for their show they’ll have to conquer each of their own fears and anxieties. Overcoming those issues and finding strength in each other as they push further than the chippendales and go the full monty.

Stella Kim, Joy Yandell, Sydney Joyner and Beth Alison in San Diego Musical Theatre's "The Full Monty." (Ken Jacques)
Stella Kim, Joy Yandell, Sydney Joyner and Beth Alison in San Diego Musical Theatre’s “The Full Monty.” (Ken Jacques)

San Diego Musical Theatre recently moved its productions to the Horton Grand Theatre from the large Spreckles Theatre. This new venue, with its 240 seat, gives spectators the feeling of being right there in the action.

The staging under director Neil Dale leads the show in a direction that pays homage to the original material while modernizing the show for today’s audience. Musical director Don LeMaster is once again back leading a thirteen-piece orchestra just like he did during San Diego Musical Theatre’s initial production.

As the show begins you’ll be immediately drawn to the talents of Scott Arnold who plays the role of the professional stripper Keno Walsh. Arnold appears numerous times in barely-there clothing delivering the audience a show to remember and making you wonder, “Will that thong stay on?”

Danny Stiles, Jonathan Sangster, and Steven Freitas in "The Full Monty" (Ken Jacques)
Danny Stiles, Jonathan Sangster, and Steven Freitas in “The Full Monty” (Ken Jacques)

Other stand-outs include Jonathan Sangster who plays the role of laid-off steelworker Malcom whose voice hits your heart when performing, “You Walk with Me.” Sangster sings along Jack Eld who plays the part of Ethan. Eld not only has a great voice but provides nonstop humor throughout the show.

Though, the standout performance goes to Devlin who plays Jeannette, an older chain-smoking rehearsal pianist who helps the guys lose it all in a good way. Devlin really mastered the character and had a command of the stage whenever she was on it.

Steven Freitas and Devlin in The Full Monty. (Ken Jacques)
Steven Freitas and Devlin in The Full Monty. (Ken Jacques)

This is a must see show that will have you laughing and leaving the theatre feeling positively electric. Be sure to check out all of the local talent for an evening or afternoon you won’t forget.

The show is anchored by a very strong cast of actors that include: Joy Yandell (Georgie Bukatinsky), Scott Arnold (Buddy Keno Walsh), Steven Freitas (Jerry Lukowski), Danny Stiles (Dave Bukatinsky), Jonathan Sangster (Malcom MacGregor), Richard Van Slyke (Harold Nichols), Ron Christopher Jones (Noah Simmons), Jack Eld (Ethan Girard), Devlin (Jeanette Burmeister), Owen Schumutz (Nathan Lukowski), Amy Perkins (Pam Lukowski), and Karyn Overstreet (Vicky Nichols).

Ensemble: Beth Alison, Luke Harvey Jacobs, Sydney Joyner, Stella Kim, Shayne Mims, Paul Morgavo, and Alex Nemiroski.

Additional Credits: Neil Dale (Director), Don LeMaster (Music Direction), Paul David Bryant (Choreography), Marie Jahelka (Stage Manager), Sarah Zimmerman (Assistant Stage Manager), Michelle Miles (Lighting Design), Kevin Anthenill (Sound Design), and Peter Herman (Wig Design).

The Full Monty: Book by Terrance McNally, Music and Lyrics by David Yazbeck.


Single ticket prices range from $25-$60 depending on the day of the week, seating location, and applicable discounts. You can purchase tickets by calling the SDMT Box Office at 858-560-5740 or order online at

SCHEDULE: Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7:30 PM, Fridays at 8:00 PM, Saturdays at 8:00 PM, and Sundays at 2:00 PM

LOCATION: Horton Grand Theatre, 444 Fourth Ave., San Diego, CA 92101

PARKING: Ace parking garage, directly across the street from the theatre. They will lock in the prices for patrons – $10.00 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday, and $12.50 for Friday and Saturday. Book your patron parking through the Ace website and have easy access to the Horton Grand Theatre by using this link… BUY PARKING

For more information and tickets call San Diego Musical Theatre at 858-560-5740,

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