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What You Missed at Comic Con 2016

Each year actors creators and thousands of fans gather to experience their favorite tv shows, movies, comics, and games. Once again there were some key moments that occurred that will be the highlight of the past few days. Whether it was the largest VR experience with Mr. Robot or the many movie and television trailers that made their debut.

Troye Sivan at EWConX

On Wednesday Entertainment Weekly presented their EWConX event where they had YouTube and music superstar Troye Sivan kick off the long weekend with a concert. The event was held in the all new Horton Plaza Park and was the perfect outdoor venue to showcase the best of San Diego. I was able to attend the concert and it was an awesome way to kick off the fun-filled weekend. It was my first time to see Troye Sivan and he did not disappoint as he brought down the house with his amazing music.

Mr. Robot VR Experience and Pop-Up Shop

Mr RobotThis year it was all about VR and for Mr. Robot fans they got to participate in what was described as the largest VR Experience. Thousands around the country along with those that gathered at Petco Park got to view a special 15 minute stand alone video that I talked about in a previous post. Those who were in attendance even received Mr. Robot ear buds and a Mr. Robot VR viewing box. 

Mr-Robot-ShopA few blocks away from Petco Park was the Mr. Robot shop where you could experience Elliot’s room along with the VR experience. This proved to be a popular stop for those who could not attend the panels in the convention center as lines regularly went down the block. After experiencing the Mr. Robot shop you could pick up more swag in the form of a t-shirt with the Mr. Robot computer logo.

I was lucky enough to score a Mr. Robot Swag bag that was filled Mr.-Robot-Swagwith all sorts of fun goodies. As Mr. Robot is one of my favorite shows on TV right this swag bag was quite the get. Inside it was filled with some pretty awesome things many of which were Evil Corp. branded. They included a 2gb USB thumb drive, a phone charging power bank, ink pens, wearable pins, and a pretty awesome post-it note stack. The bag also included a t-shirt as well as a beer/bottle opener that fits in your wallet and some Mr. Robot tattoos.

Outside Comic Con

Only so many people can get a badge to attend Comic Con much less afford to get one, but that doesn’t mean you miss out on all the fun. Just outside the Convention Center are so many booths set-up by television networks all in an effort to grab your attention for their latest projects. This year was no different as the area just got bigger and bigger filled with even more areas and chances to score free swag. NBC brought three of their new shows to the area just outside the convention center, while FX, FOX, Comedy Central, Cartoon Network, AMC, Amazon , and EW all brought something to the table to help entertain fans for free. 

Lionsgate Preview Blair Witch

It is hard these days to keep secrets when a studio comes to Comic Con, for the most part everyone knows what a studio is bringing and what actors are going to be present. This year though Lionsgate was able to unveil a huge secret as they unveiled The Woods or rather Blair Witch. Shockingly it was filmed in May and June of 2015 but has remained a secret till now. It was a huge marketing coo for the studio to unveil this slight of hand at Comic Con. It helped build buzz for a film, which when you actually watch the trailer looks like more of the same. 

Marvel Unveils a New Doctor Strange Trailer

“Doctor Strange” is the latest film in Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It follows the story of neurosurgeon Doctor Stephen Strange who, after a horrific car accident, discovers the hidden world of magic and alternate dimensions. Another trailer was released at Comic Con giving us a closer look at who Doctor Strange is and what we can expect from this new Marvel Cinematic Universe film. 

Suicide Squad

The Final Suicide Squad trailer was unveiled at Comic Con ahead of its premiere. The film features some of DC comics most popular villians together on screen.

Star Trek Discovery

Should be interesting to watch this experiment from CBS as they get ready to launch an all new Star Trek this time on their CBS All Access site not on regular broadcast television. The premiere episode will air on CBS but all subsequent episode will be on the paid web portal. At Comic Con CBS unveiled test footage for the new ship that will be flying in Star Trek.

Wonder Woman

Undoubtedly the biggest breakout star of Batman V. Superman was actually Wonder Woman and so here at Comic Con the debut of her trailer was highly anticipated. The anticipation though seemed worth the wait as positive buzz surrounded the release.

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